Lost baby ceremony

This is what I know, given my experiences with the spirit world. We are all spirits on a journey and physical life or death has little to do with our journey, as it still continues. So while we are deeply obsessed with births and deaths and how they happen, a physical body is merely the vehicle that a spirit uses in order to learn a new set of lessons on our/their journey. However, the energetic state of a spirit being at the time of birth or death, does affect how at peace the spirit is and the spirits who lost the baby. It is why we do funerals for people who die, to help send them off well. Yet when a baby is miscarried or aborted we often miss that step and it can cause spiritual chaos in us, and can cause some level of unrest in a spirit who has left this plane. The baby ceremony helps to formerly lay a spirit baby to rest, so that they can settle, and so that the parents of the baby can settle.


This ceremony formally acknowledges the existence of and termination of the physical body the spiritual body was using at the time, so that the spiritual body can rest in a more complete manner. There is no judgment as to how the baby left this plane, and it really doesn't matter so no need to be involved in blame or guilt. It matters little to the spirit world, only a state of peace or chaos matters, and efforts to reduce or end spiritual chaos is always the goal of the positive spiritual world.


PROCESS: Once you make the appointment, we will talk about the circumstances of the baby's departure. Then I will do some prayers and communications with usually someone in your ancestral line for guidance about any special needs or actions you must take to help the baby rest. These ceremonies are best when both parents are able to do the ceremony together, but if needed, can be done by one parent. I give you the guidance I've received and suggestions for a set of prayers for your formal ceremony to put your baby to rest.


The pricing is for one baby. If there are more, we can discuss it.

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