Passionate About Life's Inspirations

I come from a family of mediums, and have been blessed to have certain abilities that may help my clients in their journey to move closer toward the Creator's light.

Arriving at these abilities was not always a smooth road.  I spent more than two years, sitting on the rocks in the middle of a creek praying to get control of the dozens of voices going on in my head, or at times, that they would simply go away.  I know how difficult this can be, and my mother and aunts never got complete control, but I did, and it is possible to do so without losing your mind.  I'm proof. 


I am clairaudient, with the complete understanding that all information comes through God, and that I am only able to tell that which He/She/It means to be known, through His Spirit Guides, the ancestors and others She would have me communicate with.  I also believe that in the spiritual awakening that we humans are undergoing as we evolve, I am not that rare, and we will all be in an entirely new spiritual abilities phase in the next two hundred years.   A lot of people will be talking to continued spirits and others they cannot see right now, sooner than we might imagine.

I have been fully audient, and able to hear as in conversation (not just words and phrases, or feelings like many people) since about 2000, and partially so all of my life.  I am clairaudient, ( I hear dead people, spirits, spirit guides, etc.)  clairsentient, (I feel them)  and clairvoyant ( I see them).  The clairvoyance freaks me out a bit, so I have asked that not be used anymore unless absolutely necessary, and there is no other way for me to understand.  Thus far,  that request has been granted for the most part.  I believe it is why the clairaudience has developed so strongly.  Prayer to God for lenience, when you are not in opposition to His/Her wishes truly  helps.

In that time I have learned one very profound thing, possibly the key to life.  Over and over again, many different spirits have told me that our main purpose in life is to grow and learn to be our best spiritual selves.  That means, being kind in the face of meanness, generous in the face of selfishness, good when we could be evil, patient when it is hard,  being courageous and strong in the face of fear, and to never let fear guide our thoughts or actions.  

There's more to it but that is the gist of our goals on this plane.  All situations that come to us are a test of how well we do these things.  Over time, I have realized that all of my hundreds of readings for myself and clients, have lead to this set of directives.  We are to become and maintain our best spiritual selves at all times.  That is much more than a notion, but still we must try.  There is beauty all around and

the more we expect it and look for it, the easier it becomes to find.

Peace and tolerance.


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  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Level II Practitioner

  • Test Participant in a University of Arizona's Psychic Study

  • Ordained Minister in Spiritual Humanism

  • Trained as a Substance Abuse Counselor CACI

  • 20 years as a Spiritual Coach

  • Served over 2,000 clients individually and in groups