With limited information from you, I request guidance for you. This is a very fluid process that I cannot really define any further, because it is different for every person. However, 97% of my clients have been pleased with the results. The process is that I ask IF I can help you first and how much, you provide scant initial information, and I receive the information then set a time to deliver it to you. It is much better if I read the reading to clients - answering questions as we proceed, I have found and then email written copy. There is a waiting list, and paying for the reading puts you in the queue.  I only work on readings on the weekends, and please expect a wait of about six weeks.

I don't do "crisis" readings as in what do I do this weekend about whatever.  Most of my readings are guidance for spiritual growth, and if a client works consistently on the issues named, it usually takes a person 6 months to two years to address the growth targets discussed.

NOTE: It is essential that you read The Next God, my book, which I wrote for my clients primarily because to understand the readings, you need a base for the information it provides. So as soon as you decide you want a reading, you should purchase a copy, at this link, or using the link on the home page or in the navigation bar, and read it before you receive the reading.  Once you have paid for the reading and completed reading it, let me know.  


Send me an email to discuss please. Readings cannot be booked without a discussion.  It is rare, but I have been prevented from doing readings for a few people in the past, so I must ask.  Usually those people have been playing with spiritual guidance and have done no work, so that is something to consider.  Everything about spiritual guidance is about working on the traits we need to in order to grow, I have found.  You must be ready for growth.  



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